Why Join NACRO?

Membership benefits include professional development opportunities and the chance to share best practices with other members.

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General Info

NACRO provides networking and professional development opportunities, the sharing of best practices, and the development of common language and metrics for peer comparison from over 300 corporate relations professionals from research colleges and universities around the world.

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The Need for NACRO

As higher education plays an increasing role in economic development, and in light of the challenging fiscal environment in which many of our institutions operate, it is more important than ever for colleges and universities to create and maintain dynamic relationships with business and industry. To this end, institutions are creating or strengthening corporate relations offices whose goal is to reach out to companies and entrepreneurs and help them fully explore and access the resources available to them across campus. Such resources include student recruitment, research collaborations, specialized training, and leadership development opportunities.

NACRO’s Goal

The long term goal of NACRO and its membership is to engage industry in a setting that allows for open discussion while sharing best practices with peers. As corporate philanthropy and R&D evolves towards increasingly collaborative activities, NACRO will aid in defining these roles. As corporations expand globally but work locally, they seek the “front door” to an academic institution that a university corporate relations office can provide.

Why is NACRO Different?

Unlike other larger organizations, NACRO represents a well-defined group of over 120 research institutions that work to continuously strengthen relationships with industry to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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